Online Admission Software

uTab Educational Management System Online Admission Software is designed in a unique way to cover the needs of all kinds of educational organisations for designing custom forms with attachments to ease the paperless admissions process. Leads can be assigned to counsellors for taking the admission process to the next level.

Some Key Advantages of Online Admission Software

  1. Ease to promote admission form link on website and social media platforms.
  2. Avoid unnecessary queues of admission forms.
  3. Complete data digitisation without manual efforts from admission department.
  4. More reach to students/parents seeking for admission.
  5. Increase number of applicants due to ease of process with information on admission requirements and deadline.
  6. Cashless form fee collection and paperless admission process.
  7. Follow-up to interested/shortlisted candidates through email/SMS/Auto Voice call.
  8. Digitize end to end process to improve overall productivity of your educational organisation.
  9. Improve productivity of your administration and counselling staff.

Why you must not go for offline admission process

  1. Too much ineffective and painful for parents to visit at the location and fill manual form.
  2. Effective process for admin and counselling staff to manage physical admission documents.
  3. Extra efforts to digitize data which consumes 100s of hours and changes of mistakes.
  4. Delay in communication to parents about next steps and processes of admission.
  5. Less number of applicants due to old fashioned manual process.
  6. Questions on your educational organisation about non digital activities in this modern digital time.