School Finance Management System

Gone are the days where it used to take a month to complete the entire audit process for your company/school/ institute/college.

uTab School Management Software provides a helpful tool for managing monetary transactions in the most convenient and easy manner.

Our School Management Software provides an effective and improved financial management system which will reduce dependency on other sources for managing the Finances & Expenses of your institute.

  1. It will improve the short- and long-term business performance by channelizing the payment process and bill collection.
  2. Eliminates human errors in calculating and totalling of accounts.
  3. Redundancy in maintaining the records is minimized.
  4. Compliant with the tax and accounting regulations as laid down by Income Tax Department, Government of India.
Manage Trust/Company
Using Finance Module of uTab School Management Software you can create and manage multiple accounts of multiple institutes.

Admin can manage multiple Trust/Companies and its bank accounts from one place.

Fee categories can be mapped with different companies. This way a particular fee category's amount will be automatically transferred to selected company's account.
Manage Fees & Wallet
Admin can create and manage Fees institute wise, manage multiple collection centers and get reports accordingly.

School fees and miscellaneous fees can be managed, company wise as per mapping done by the Accountant or the institute Admin.

Institute collects advance amount from parents against the student’s expenses in campus on a daily basis or to adjust with other expenses which the institute have to charge from the student at a later stage.

The same amount is reflected in Wallet module of our School Management Software. Parents can check all transactions done from Student Wallet in our School Management app.

The advance amount collected in Wallet against the future expense for a Student can be shown and managed from the selected account out of all the available accounts.