Fees Management System for Education

Fee Categories

A very important aspect in the present day scenario at institutes is managing Fee details of students. This involves work flow from the academic section and the institute administration or finance department.

uTab School Management System provides a solution to manage dynamic number of fee categories in a convenient manner.

On top of that, the platform helps you manage Discounts given to students which can be applied to specific students while making Fee payment. There are detailed options available for bulk discounts etc.

Discount can be in the form of Academic Scholarship, Category discount, Financial Assistance, References, School Staff Kids, Student Reference, etc.

Manage Fee Installments
Nowadays education has become a valuable resource and parents are investing heavily in it to secure their child’s future. So institutes have provided numerous ways for parents to pay fees in installments and we provide a facility for the institute to manage such fee installments in the best possible way.

Not only you can manage your Fee installments, but you can even set a due date and impose a fine if needed for late payments. Parents can also adjust their installments by paying in advance as per their convenience.

This releases parents' burden to pay Total amount together and they can plan their yearly budget.

Institutes can manage the installments which are ideally paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. They can even customize the fee installments as per their need and manage all student fee transactions digitally.