Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning is an essential process by which a structured plan can be outlined for Students at various Institutes. This requires visualization of the coming week’s plan & schedule for the timely delivery of lectures to the students. This will require a lot of time & effort from the teacher's end.

Lesson Planning - A Teacher's Diary
Teachers can identify the learning objectives, plan the learning sequence for each subject which they teach in the respective Classes and assess the topics for each lesson. Teachers can decide on their own timeline and decide upon a Start date for each topic along with the number of lectures required to accomplish that target.
  1. Lesson planning should be realistic and flexible as per the student’s needs.
  2. Teacher's can achieve their Targets by completing the syllabus on time
  3. Teachers can assign Classwork/Homework from the same window.
  4. Daily teaching and syllabus planning can be done using this.
  5. School curriculum is decided - For each Subject of a Classroom - Lesson, Chapters, Topics, Lectures are pre-defined. They track the same using Teacher's diary.
  6. Monthly or Weekly planning is done using this feature at various institutes.
  7. Dynamic Approach to the Lesson Planning - One can customize their own required fields for maintaining a teacher's diary.
Classwork & Homework Management
For everyday Classwork/Homework, you can attach multiple attachments for a reference purpose.
The timetable module of our ERP is linked to this module for better management of the Lectures. On the basis of this linking, it becomes easier for the Faculties to provide Classwork/Homework to the Students on a daily basis.
Once the Classwork & Homework is updated using the lesson planning feature, the entries are automatically updated in the App and Web in both the Classwork & Homework module respectively. This saves plenty of time for the faculties as they can manage 3 tasks on the same page. The notifications for the Homework will be received on the mobile app as well.
Student Syllabus over Phone
Parents/Students can track the Syllabus of any subject using the Mobile App for our MyClassCampus School ERP.
We have a separate module by the name of “Lesson Planner” on our Android & iOS app platforms.
  1. Users can view the Syllabus of the respective Classroom.
  2. Lesson Summary is also available to check whether the topics are covered for any subjects of their respective classrooms.
  3. The entire syllabus on the phone is a very useful feature as users can access this remotely from anywhere.
  4. Students can keep a check on the syllabus at the time of revisions.