Online Inquiry Management

Now add, manage and respond to inquiries with our Inquiry Management module. We provide an easy and strategic Inquiry management system for creating and managing student's inquiries. This module will help with all the tasks, involved in the student enquiry process for an educational campus.

Why uTab Inquiry management?

Skip that endless process of maintaining excel data sheets or manual book keepings for managing all student inquiries. With our inquiry management module all admin needs to do is feed in the information of inquiring students.

After an enquiry is added on Inquiry management system, the institute admin is required to perform continuous follow-up with the parents/students to ensure that they are satisfied with the institution. But it is tedious to remember all follow ups. Let our system help you remind to take follow up.
Mobile Application
You can also access student management module from mobile application as well. Admin can add, view and edit the inquiry. Direct calls can be made from app without saving the number in your phone.
Creating Inquiries
Our inquiry module enhances and increases operational efficiencies. Admin can add single and bulk inquiries. Admin can send welcome SMS to student/parent. Inquiries can be sorted under different tabs according to their application status.